Default Squid proxy configuration provided with a hiera node YAML file

Submitted by yannek on Sat, 16/10/2021 - 21:54

Working on puppetising Squid proxy at Open Answers, I deployed a standard Squid configuration with a hiera node YAML file on some stage of the deployment process. Eventually, to keep our company standards, I transferred Squid configuration into a customised module, and left the ability to overwrite the settings provided by module just for the YAML file.

Although Squid configuration with hiera node YAML file turned up to be inadequate in our case, some content of this file may be a useful reference for others. I have made it available on 👉 GitHub 👈 then.

This YAML Squid configuration references to puppet/squid module by Vox Populi available in Puppet Forge, and I tested it with the ver 3.0.0. It reproduces Squid proxy default configuration of version  4.11.